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Organic Strawberry Powder

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Organic strawberry powder from whole berries, gently low-thermal dried and milled to powder. Can be used as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient added to prepared foods such as baked goods, smoothies, nutritional snacks and bars, beverages and sauces. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or other processing agents are used in the manufacturing process.

Botanical Information

Product Name             Strawberry Powder                                          Country of Origin         CANADA

Latin Binomial              Fragaria Annanasa                                         Certified Organic         Yes

Plant Part                     Whole fruit                                                       Wild Collected             No

Cut                               Powder                                                            Certified Kosher           Yes


Aroma                         Characteristic of Strawberry powder               

Flavor                           Characteristic of Strawberry powder          

Color                            Light Red Rose

Moisture Content         <  7 %

Water Activity (aw)      <  0.5

Packaging This stand-up pouch is made from a two-layer film food safe liner Kraft-paper the closure is fitted with a zipper.

Storage and Shelf Life

Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight. Minimum 12 months shelf life when stored properly in a cool, dry atmosphere. Product has a shelf life of 24 months when stored in an atmosphere of -20 degrees Celsius or less with low humidity.

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