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North 49 Natural's goal is to take surplus indigenous raw materials predominantly fruits and vegetables, and value add them to consumer ready natural products using advanced methods of stabilization like dehydration, or secondary processing like baking. Paramount to our end product is all natural raw ingredients with vertical integration in all our process flows resulting in high nutrition and chemical-free products. Our team have worked closely with farmers from across the province to produce premium natural products for people who care about what they consume. We use a proprietary low-thermal drying and blending process that optimizes the nutritional value and effectiveness of our products:
Our success with customer is we retain the highest amount of antioxidants, keep the vibrant all-natural color of the fruit, capture the original flavors, 100% guarantee a long-term shelf life with no loss in quality. We also ensure that the temperature during the drying process is based on the actual product temperature, so the food isn’t overheated. And our proprietary system preserves the volatile flavor and aroma compounds that are compromised in other drying methods.