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Fruit Powders as a Naturally Sweet Alternative to Sugar

Posted by Teri Wallace on

Plant-based sweeteners that offer a natural alternative to sugar for your smoothies. North of 49 Naturals producers of locally source fruit into fine powders suitable for a ton of uses. All natural, no citric acid, erythritol, or any other chemicals that may be typically used in fruit powders. 

North of 49 Naturals are vertically integrated with local farmers to handpicked always in unpolluted nature and growing organically.  But how do they go from fresh fruits to powder form? The fruits are dried carefully with proprietary drying with the temperature never exceeding 40 degrees. To optimize nutritional value and efficacy so none of the nutrients get lost and eating the dried fruit powder is just as healthy as eating fresh fruit. 

The best way to use these dried fruit powder is to sprinkle them on top of smoothies, porridge, yogurt or cereal. But you could also use them as a natural sweetener for baking. Want to learn more about North of 49 Naturals Fruit Powders check out our page, buy local!! 


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