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5 Secrets to Making the Best Vegetable Smoothie Ever

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A vegetable smoothie, also known as green smoothie, is a smoothie variant that includes organic vegetables such as kale, spinach, cabbage, and other dark, leafy greens. They are non-dairy concoctions that use fresh fruits to give it a natural creamy consistency.

These drinks are extremely nourishing and loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals that the body needs for optimum health. This article will give you important tips on the best way to prepare a vegetable smoothie without compromising its taste and nutrition.

Without further ado, here are 5 secrets on how to make the best vegetable smoothie ever:

1. One of the most basic principles to create the perfect vegetable smoothie is the 60/40 rule. This means that your mixture should have 60% complimentary fruits and 40% dark leafy greens. To make it even simpler, follow this formula: 2 cups base liquid + 2 cups dark leafy vegetables + 3 cups of fresh fruits = perfect green smoothie.

2. Use organic powder as base flavor. The popular choices are organic kale powder, organic cabbage powder, and carrot powder. They give the most natural taste when it comes to green smoothies and they are readily available in most local organic stores.

3. Add complimentary fruits to make it creamier and boost the taste even more. As already mentioned, vegetable smoothies are actually not made purely of vegetables only. You can also mix in organic fruit powders such as banana, apple, papaya, mango, or pear to make them act as natural flavor enhancers. You may even forego artificial sugars and sweeteners if you put enough of these fruits in your mix. If you are also not very fond of the bitter taste of leafy greens, these complimentary fruits are very useful to mask it, which are perfect to drink even for your younger kids.

Bonus tip: Avoid using highly moist fruits like watermelon, orange, and grapes as your complimentary fruit as it may make your smoothie thinner and runny.  Use fruit and vegetable powders from North of 49 Naturals as a smart choice.

4. Chop your dark leafy greens or add our prepared organic vegetable powders before adding them to the mix. Putting them as whole leaves or in large clusters may not get you the texture you want for your smoothie. Same with the fruits, slice or dice them into smaller parts before blending.

5. Stay and watch your concoction while mixing to avoid over-blending. Over-blending does not only make your green smoothie less appetizing, but more importantly it lessens its nutritional and health benefits. Over crushing a smoothie mixture makes it lose necessary vitamins and minerals and promote oxidation.

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